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Please Note:  We still updating the profiles




Female Options

Option 1


Model Code: YAFMS1

Highly recommended

Nationality: Russin 


Price Rate: 150 KD  5-8 hours                


Option 2


Model Code: YAFMD6


Nationality: UK


Price Rate: 150KD  :note Time to be updated

Option 3

Model Code: YAFMEF6


Price Rate: 170KD  5-8 hours                   

Option 4

Model Code: YAFMEL8


Price Rate: 150KD  5-8 Hours                                      

Option 5

Model Code: YAFMA1

Price Rate: 120KD  5-8 Hours   NoteL Plus size model           

Option 6


Model Code: YAFMEF4


Price Rate: 140KD 5-8 hours 


Option 7


Model Code: YAFMEK5


Price Rate: 150KD  4-7 hours


Option 8 

Model Code: YAFMEH12

Price Rate: 150 5-8 hours                     

Option 9

Model Code: #YAFME9O1

Price Rate: 160KD 5-8 hours

Option 1+

Model Code: YAFHED2

Price Rate: 100KD  5-8 Hours            

Option 2+

Model Code: YAFMEM27

Price Rate: 160KD  5-8 Hours            

Option 3+

Model Code: YAFMEJ6

Price Rate:   120KD        

Option 4+


Model Code: YAFPES21


Price Rate:  170KD



Mixed Option 14+ Profiles

Model Code: 

Price Rate: 130KD to 160KD 5-8 Hours            


Male Models


Option 1

Model Code: YAMMEU1

Price Rate: 140KD to 160KD 5-8 Hours            

Option 2

Model Code: YAMMEY2

Price Rate: 130KD to 150KD 5-8 Hours            

Option 3

Model Code: YAMMED1

Price Rate: 140KD to 160KD 5-8 Hours            

Option 4

Model Code: YAMME9Y1

Note: Abroad model

Price Rate: 350KD  5-9 Hours            


Teenager & Kids Options



Price Rate: 135-150 KD  Note: To be updated          


Makeup Artist 

• Languages:  English, Spanish


Professional Experience:

- Orzu ARTS-"Dervish", London

- Spot Durex 2013 Barcelona. FreeStyle Barcelona Studio Films.

-Photo Shootings, “People Makeup” Agency,  Barcelona

- Photo shootings Front Page Models, edition N 15,16, Bolivia Hot Magazine

 - Spot Bolivia “ Villa Santa Mujer”. Product: Water- Brand: Villa Santa.

Kevlar Studio Films

- Body Painting Photoshootings, Bolivia Hot Magazine

-Body Painting Photoshooting, Clothing, Argentina

-Spot Anti piracy for TV channels, (Cotas Limitadas) Cine Group Producer.

-Spot “super Fijo” Bolivian channel , Cine Group Producer.

-Mac senior makeup artist –kuwait

Makeup Artist Profile

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