Artist - Singer - Songwriter

رهف من مواليد 17 يناير/كانون الثاني في مدينة الكويت

عضوه في فريق جيتارا الكويتية - تأسست الفرقه عام 1999 بمشاركه 4 أعضاء
فهد - رهف - خالد - رناد - جيتارا الكويتيه أصدرت 5 ألبومات منها أربعه بمشاركه رهف
Guitara 2001 - 2002 - 2004 - 2008 الألبومات
رهف مغنيه - كاتبه - ملحنه و مذيعه



A Kuwaiti artist and singer/songwriter

An ex member of the Kuwaiti band Guitara, They released 5 albums with the band and over 20 singles and covers,

Since joining the Institute of Music Studies (Kuwait), Her love for the music increased and decided that she wants make it as her main profession in her career,

On 1999 She joined the guitara band and become one of the best mixed group in the region before they separated on 2009 and she come back on 2014 as solo singer