Feb 21

Makeup Forever Event



We have these Options,


Please Note:  select minimum of 3-5 options to replace the 1st or 2nd in case they are not available for any  reasons 


Price Rates: Start from 75KD to 130KD for the first 2-3 hours then Extra fees on every extra hour or part of it start from 20KD to 35KD depending on your selected model.




Female Options

Option 1


Model Code: YAFMES4

Price Rate: 110KD




Note: She is available but we still waiting for her headshot with no Makeup.



Option 2

Model Code: YAFMP2


Price Rate: 120KD

Option 3

Model Code: YAFMEA4


Price Rate: 110KD

Option 4

Model Code: YAFMW1


Price Rate: 75KD

Option 5

Model Code: YAFMD6


Price Rate: 120KD

Option 6

Model Code: YAFMEA7

Price Rate:110KD